Ever wondered how a psychic reading works? I explain how I conduct my readings, so you can gain insight into the process.

Generally speaking, readers differ in varying degrees in the way they each conduct their readings. There are similarities common to most readers though, and hopefully understanding how I do mine will give you a better idea in general of what your reader is doing.

Before a reading

Before each reading begins, I take time to prepare. Part of my preparation is setting an intention for every reading; that the information helps my client move forward in life with positive energy and joy.

I also prepare the space for a reading, regardless of whether the reading is in person, over the phone, or via email. Part of preparing the space for a reading is holding space; I’m connecting on the highest level with my client and with Spirit, for the highest good of my client.

My experience during a reading

I have limited access to my logic during a reading… even the most basic counting is often beyond my abilities when I’m working.

I’m working from a heart connection, so there is very little logic available to me. The information is delivered to me, I pass it on as I receive it, and then it is very quickly forgotten. This is not deliberate on my part, but as the information is not mine, I simply don’t retain it. I can recall the emotion of a reading much easier than the specific content.

I receive the benefit of pure love energy during readings, so any physical pain I may be experiencing will dissipate within the first 10 minutes of the reading, and that will last for a few hours after the reading has ended. It’s a great perk of the job!

Where your information comes from

For me, Spirit is one collective energy body, which is made up of many individual energies. Those individual energies include (but are not limited to) our higher selves, spirit guides and teachers, loved ones who have passed (connected to my client), and angels.

During a reading, I’m opening myself up and connecting with Spirit to bring through information. That information will either come from the collective (Spirit) or from an individual loved one that has passed.

From my perspective, the main difference between receiving information from them is that Spirit tends to be emotionally unattached to the information, whereas loved ones usually are emotionally attached to the information. The attachment to information can occasionally interfere with how well I can access it, and in terms of how that affects me during a reading, the information is usually “clearer” when it is delivered by Spirit.

Do not mistake emotional unattachment as indifference, as all information from Spirit is delivered with an abundance of love and respect, and will always be for your highest good.

How is your information delivered?

I am what is known as an Intuitive Psychic, which means I don’t use any tools such as tarot cards or pendulums; it’s just ‘me’. I connect directly to Spirit to receive your information, and the delivery happens in a combination of ways.

I will see your information (clairvoyance), hear it (clairaudience), feel it (clairsentience), smell it (clairalience), taste it (clairgustance) and ‘know’ it (claircognizance). Normally I receive information in various way simultaneously.

Most readers see signs and symbols or references to people or situations in their lives that might be in a parallel, and this is what they are translating. It is then the readers job to interpret the information. To use an example, if I am shown a fox, it could mean that the person’s surname is Fox, that they own or love foxes, it could indicate the behavioural characteristics of a fox, or that someone connected to that particular information is named Fox, etc.

There is one example that I remember quite well… we were connecting with my client’s grandmother who had passed over. I was shown a broad brimmed woven hat with flowers around the band. I thought it may have been an actual hat her grandmother wore, or that she had been a keen gardener, or spent a lot of time out in the sun, or loved the particular flowers on the hat… I went through the possibilities but none of them were resonating for my client. I was shown the same image over and over, which is usually an indication that I’m missing something quite obvious. So I then focused on the actual type of flowers, some of which were lillies. It turned out her name was Lily! It was so obvious that it had taken me a while to connect the dots. My own grandmother’s name was Lily, and I had mistakenly assumed that Spirit would show me my own grandmother to convey that information (as they had done on previous occasions).

It’s not often that I can recall anything about a reading once it is finished, but I remember that particular aspect of that one, just because it had me so confused for a while! It was a great reminder not to make assumptions during a reading!

What can you do to prepare for a psychic reading?

You can assist with your psychic reading by focusing on your reader. I certainly find it a lot harder when my clients’ attention is not fully in the present moment of the reading… if you are distracted during a reading this has a direct and immediate impact on the flow of information given to me.

I conduct my readings slightly differently to other readers I’ve been to in the past. Often a reader will give you information, then right at the end ask if you have any questions. I prefer to start by asking if you have any particular questions or topics you want to look at. It’s certainly not essential to have questions, but I don’t want anyone to get to the end of their reading and be disappointed because they didn’t get an opportunity to ask their questions. It’s actually quite common for information to be delivered about a topic before my client has had a chance to ask about it, but I like to give people the opportunity to direct my focus to areas of importance to them if they feel the need.

I have a lot of people ask me how a psychic reading works, so hope this has helped to explain and demystify readings for you. At the end of the day, readings are all about passing on information to you with love and compassion. They provide answers, confirmation, validation, direction and guidance, and it is my complete honour to be a part of that process.

Much love,
Carolyn xx