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My name is Carolyn Rabbitts and I live in Eaton, in the beautiful South West corner of Western Australia. I have been working as a Psychic Medium for over 10 years.

I’m so pleased you’re here… it’s no coincidence you’ve found your way to my website, and I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

I absolutely adore what I do… connecting with Spirit and bringing through messages to help people. It’s the best job in the world!

My goal isn’t to have people come to me for guidance every time they have a question, but to empower people to access their own guidance system. If someone wants to learn and expand their own awareness, I’ll be honoured to help them.

My personal philosophy is to stand in my own Truth and embrace my own power, while continuing to work with integrity within the Light.

If I am able to help other people to stand in their personal Truth, to own their power, then I’m a pretty happy camper!

I am excited to work with you!
Carolyn xxx

4 insights about what I do…

1. I have been doing readings full time for over ten years – I worked for 17 years in child care before beginning this amazing career.

2. I love the scope of my work – no two readings are the same, and information can cover past situations, current experiences and also future events, as well as connecting with loved ones who have passed (human and animal).
My classes bring an added dimension by allowing me to help people realise and grow their own psychic awareness and abilities.

3. I love making connections with my clients – I love how easily strong connections can be made regardless of the physical location of each client. 

4. I work from the heart – I simply know no other way to do what I do.

3 revealing numbers about me…

35 – the age I was when I had my spiritual awakening. Even though I had my abilities from birth, I only became fully conscious of them in my mid 30’s.

4 – the number of fur kids that bring an abundance of laughter and love (and general shenanigans!) into my life.

3 – the number of continents I’ve lived on.

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