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Meditation and Spiritual Development Classes

These fortnightly classes provide the opportunity for expanding your awareness via the use of guided mediation, as well as learning a variety of energy modalities designed to develop your spiritual skills and abilities. Suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

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Energy Awareness Course

Learn to trust your own intuition and unlock your natural psychic gifts and abilities during these six-week courses. Delivered in two stages, these courses teach you how to work with energy across a wide range of modalities. Suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

“I highly recommend Carolyn Rabbitts to anybody who is looking to tune into their spiritual self.

Throughout my 12 weeks of Energy Awareness Course classes Carolyn carefully guided us through each step of the way from deep blissful meditations opening our minds to meet our spirit guides and animal guides and to receive beautiful messages and healings.

We learnt about chakras and how to align them, pendulum energy guidance, how to use crystals, reading auras and energy fields, teachings on how to tune in and read personal objects and so much more.

Carolyn’s effervescent, bubbly, caring personality made the classes so fun and comfortable to be in and we all looked forward to the next class as soon as it was finished.

After every class I walked away with feelings of deep inner peace and positivity and in amazement of our intuitive abilities that lay within.
Carolyn is a beautiful lady with a very special gift

Thank you for sharing your expertise and kindness through our spiritual awareness courses I have learnt so many valuable lessons that I continue to use everyday. Xxx”


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