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These spiritual development classes will give understanding to psychic occurrences, and promote the positive side of spirituality with easy to understand methods and a down-to-earth attitude. Throughout the classes you will learn to trust your own intuition and unlock your natural psychic gifts and abilities, in order to use them in all areas of your life.

The classes are ideal for everyone, from beginner to the advanced. They are designed to open people up to exploring and developing their own abilities within energy work. Class numbers are strictly limited to maximise individual learning.

Psychic medium Carolyn Rabbitts explains what motivates her to pass on these spiritual teachings…

“I have never looked back since reawakening to my psychic abilities. I believe that every one of us has psychic ability, that we all hold that ability within us. My aim is to help you to remember, and fully realise, your psychic potential; to access your psychic abilities and use them in your day-to-day lives.

I maintain that there is always something new we can learn, something new to discover, no matter how much we have learned up to this point. I personally hope to continue learning for the rest of my life!”

Carolyn teaches her Energy Awareness classes in two stages, which are opportunities to develop and enhance your psychic skills in various modalities of energy work such as:


Stage 1

  • Understanding your own “truth”
  • Establishing effective psychic protection against negative energies/situations
  • Body awareness – sensing and healing energy bodies
  • Pendulums
  • Photo reading
  • Meeting your Guide/Teacher
  • Auras – seeing and understanding the meanings
  • Intuitive card reading
  • And much more…


​Stage 2

*must have completed Stage 1 as a prerequisite

  • Body healing – techniques and tools to use
  • Muscle testing
  • Dowsing
  • Psychometry – reading personal objects such as jewellery
  • Balancing chakras
  • Clearing unwanted energy from spaces
  • Crystal arranging
  • Angel numbers
  • Remote viewing
  • And much more…


Energy Awareness Course

All classes begin with a guided meditation, include weekly course notes and resources, and gives you exclusive access to the Energy Awareness Class Connections group on Facebook.

Learn how to work with energy in a safe, supportive environment, and have fun while doing it! Class numbers are kept low in order to provide a very personal learning environment and ensure every student receives individualised support.

Day and evening classes offered, and they are held in the Bunbury/Eaton area.

Course Duration: 6 weeks – 6 Lessons (2 hours per session)

Price: $250.00

Secure your place with a deposit of $50. Payment in full is required 7 days prior to the commencement date. Payment can be made here.


Day Classes: TBA

Night Classes: TBA

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