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House space clearing with Carolyn Rabbitts

House/Space Clearing

Do you feel unsettled energy in your home or space? Sometimes negative or unwanted energies can settle in our spaces, which over time can negatively affect our health and wellbeing.

Properties have the ability to hold remnants of energies of the previous occupants, or events that occurred on the land prior to a building being built there. Energies can also be connected to people. All types of energies can be addressed during a clearing.

A space clearing can effectively remove toxicity, leaving your space energetically cleansed, revitalised and protected.

I offer two options to clear your space:

  • I connect to your space remotely via a phone consultation. I’ll identify areas that need particular attention, and provide personalised instructions for you to carry out the cleanse.
  • I attend your space in person and after a consultation with you, I conduct a clearing.

$75 – phone consult and written instructions on how to conduct a clearing yourself. Approx 30 min consult.

$180 – attending your home/space in person, consult, and conduct a clearing on your behalf. Approx 1-1.5 hours in length.

End of life transitioning with Carolyn Rabbitts

End of Life Transitioning

This end of life service is for the final stage of life when an individual is not transitioning peacefully.

I can connect with the person to assist in easing their transition from physical to nonphysical form.

I connect energetically with an individual (usually remotely) and communicate with them on a soul level. I have a discussion with them and guide them through a relaxation process, the effects of which is visible to loved ones sitting in the room with the person who is being worked on.

I then address any fears or concerns the individual has, and talk with them about reuniting with, and reintroducing loved ones already passed over. I assist them with cutting the energetic cord that connects us to our physical body, and anything else that the person requires at that point in time.

I disconnect with the person when Spirit instructs me, at which point they are in a relaxed and calm state.
The passing will then happen peacefully, in the time that is right for them.

The process doesn’t influence the timing of the passing, but instead it reduces the struggle and resistance the person is feeling about their passing. They no longer struggle or fight the process, but are able to transition with grace and peace; surrounded by love and knowing all is well.

This process can only be done with the full consent of the person on a soul level. Spirit will not permit me to do anything that the individual is not fully comfortable with. They are completely safe and protected during the entire process.

I find each exchange to be filled with peacefulness and lightness, as it is conducted on a soul level. It is the ultimate privilege and honour to do this work.


When it was Dad’s time to pass, he struggled to let go or find peace. He had been very unwell in the months leading up to his death, and often said he didn’t want to die.

On the final evening, he was visibly distressed and on edge, but was unable to speak or connect with us. When Carolyn came and connected with Dad energetically (there was no talking and no touch) it was so obvious to us. Having been unable to fix his gaze on things for more than a few seconds, his head turned and he stared at her with a sudden recognition and connection that we’d not seen for some time in him.

She communicated his fears to us and told us things that would help us to bring the comfort that he needed.

Afterwards, we could see an obvious change in his demeanour. He was calmer and less on edge. He was able to close his eyes and rest, something that Carolyn had told us he was fearful of doing for the fear of passing.

She also taught me how to connect with him energetically to help reinforce his calm. She later connected with him again remotely, helping him to take another step to release and cut the cords of fear that were holding him to the body that was now in such pain. Later that night, he passed away peacefully and calmly with Mum and I there by his side. Without Carolyn, we honestly know that Dads passing, which was inevitable at that stage, would have been much more distressing for him and also us. He was able to receive the reassurance he needed, and our final hours with him were loving and calm.


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