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In a reading, I am connecting with your energy and Spirit (the collective consciousness) simultaneously. I set an intention before each reading; that the information helps you move forward in life with positive energy and joy.

I am what is known as an Intuitive Psychic, which means I don’t use tarot cards or other tools, it’s just ‘me’. During a reading, I receive information in various ways. I will see your information, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it or ‘know’ it. These different forms of receiving have specific terms, and are described in more detail below.

People come for a reading looking for clarity and guidance on many different topics; relationships, career, family, finances, connecting to loved ones who have passed, or sometimes just wanting insight into what’s around the corner.

Every reading is completely confidential. Bookings for personal and phone readings are essential. Gift vouchers are available for all readings.

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I really enjoy personal readings, as there’s something really lovely about sitting in the same space with someone that I’m bringing information through for.

“Carolyn has a warm, friendly, approachable manner, and as soon as you walk through her front door – she makes you feel welcome and at ease. Her readings are never rushed, and I find them to be accurate; they have given me insight, and she has helped me so much spiritually and emotionally. I can’t thank her enough.”

Jo, Western Australia

Personal reading with Carolyn Rabbitts Psychic Medium
Phone readings with Carolyn Rabbitts Psychic Medium


I do a lot of phone readings, as a large number of my clients live interstate.

Phone readings have the exact same level of accuracy as a personal reading. As the connection I use is energetic, I don’t actually need you in the room to connect with you and receive your information.

From my perspective, there is no difference between having a phone reading or a personal reading. I receive the information in exactly the same way as if you were sitting in front of me. The connection is made by talking with you, and having our focus on each other.

“Some people have the gift and some people only think they do – Carolyn without doubt is blessed with a graceful, beautiful and spiritual gift. She is warm, friendly, intuitive and very easy to speak with. I found her reading to be uplifting, enormously helpful and particularly accurate especially considering my reading was conducted over the phone and not in person. It is very hard to be a stranger in Carolyn’s presence, in fact it’s probably impossible! A wonderful reading. Thank you. Xxx”

Louise, Western Australia


For an email reading I require your clearly written questions and a photo.

Your photo is how I establish the connection with you, so it’s important that it is clear, and as current as possible.

“Hi Carolyn, thank you so much for my reading. I had goose bumps as I read it. What an amazing and beautiful reading. You have helped me become so excited about my future instead of feeling lonely and confused. I cannot wait for my future to begin. I just really wanted to say thank you very much. I really appreciate it.”

Reaghan, Western Australia

Email reading with Carolyn Rabbitts Psychic Medium

Clairvoyance – SEEING  

Clairvoyance means seeing clearly. This is the ability to see that which cannot be perceived through the physical sense of vision.

Examples of clairvoyance are psychically seeing a person, scene, object, lights, words, colours, and visions of the past, present or future.

Clairaudience – HEARING  

Clairaudience is the specific psychic ability in which information inaudible to the human ear is heard in the mind.

Examples of clairaudience are psychically hearing sounds, words, sentences, thoughts, songs, and other types of sounds or noises.

Clairsentience – FEELING  

Clairsentience is the ability to feel the emotions of others. This is picking up on a thought and transforming it immediately into a feeling.

Examples of clairsentience are perceiving information through a sensation within the physical body, such as body aches and ill health of someone else. Also feeling the emotions or personality of another person who is not known personally or who is not present in the reading.

Claircognizance – KNOWING  

Claircognizance is the ability to pick up a thought or piece of information and just know it.

Examples of claircognizance are; being sensitive to precognition and hunches, dreams and knowings, and dealing with the future or present and how it will affect another.

Clairalience – SMELLING  

Clairalience is the ability to smell clearly a scent that is not detectable by ordinary means.

Examples of clairalience are being able to smell the scent of something associated with a person in their life, such as cigar smoke, perfume, flowers, etc.

Clairgustance – TASTING  

Clairgustance is the ability to taste a substance, without that substance being in the mouth.

Examples of clairgustance are being able to taste clearly various things, such as foods, medicines, blood in the mouth, alcohol, etc.

Carolyn Answers Your FAQ’s

How does a psychic reading work?

It depends upon the type of reading I’m doing.

For personal and phone readings, I am connecting with your energy as I talk to you. I receive information from what I refer to as Spirit. Spirit is one collective consciousness, or “energy”, that is made up of many individual energies; including Source energy, our higher selves, Spirit guides and Spirit teachers. The only time this is different is when I am connecting with loved ones who have passed. At these times the information comes solely from the individual.

For an email reading, I look at your photo to connect with your energy. I list all your questions, then open up the channel to receive information from Spirit. I type the messages, as I find it faster than writing by hand; it’s much easier to keep up with the message, as it’s usually delivered at talking speed.

In all instances, my goal is to pass on all information to you, exactly as I receive it. The method of how I receive the information is the same in all types of readings; I see the information, hear it, smell it, feel it, or ‘know’ it. It’s a combination of them all, most often simultaneously.

Do you see dead people?

When I’m tuning in, I can see the image of the person with my third eye, and sometimes also the physical outline of the person with my normal sight. Usually they appear how they would best like to be remembered, or sometimes in the way you would recognise them best.

They communicate with me in various ways; I get the emotions they are feeling, they show me images and they speak to me; the manner of speaking and the specific phrases they use, are generally how the person would have spoken while alive. I hear them ‘inside’ my head. I often use words and phrases that I would never use normally, when I’m passing on information from them.

John Edward once described communication with people who have passed over as, ‘they lower their energies and I raise mine and we kind of meet in the middle”. I find this to be an accurate description, and some energies come through more strongly than others. The information exchange is an exchange of energy.

Some people have been disappointed when they have not heard from their late mother or father, but a great grandfather who they never met will come through. This can often be solved by asking to connect with a certain person. I have no control over who comes through and who doesn’t; it’s like walking into the Universe and calling out a clients name and seeing who will come forward for you, hoping the right spirit will come forward! You can just imagine how many energies are out there waiting to connect with people!

What if you see something bad?

My agreement with Spirit works for me and for them, so before each reading I ask that I clearly receive information that will help each client move forward in their lives with positive energy and joy. I also ask that each client receive all the information that Spirit wishes to pass on to them, for the highest good of the client.

On the occasional instances that ‘negative’ information comes through, it has usually been something specific that the client had wanted to know, and their interpretation was that it was confirmation, not ‘negative’ information. At all times there is always a positive reason for providing that information, such as giving advance notice so you can be prepared, or to let you know that there will be a positive outcome.

I strive to be true to the process; honouring Spirit and knowing that they communicate with love and compassion. I trust that the information that comes through for you is intended to be received by you, in the way it is delivered. I work within the light, and from the heart; within this space we are both protected.

What if you tell me something I don’t want to hear?

You need to have an open mind when receiving a reading. You have asked for guidance, and that is what Spirit is giving you. As humans, we have our own “free will”, so if you don’t wish to hear what Spirit is advising you, you can make the choice not to; that is your choice and part of ‘free will’.

If you are having a reading to be told only what you wish to hear, I’m sorry, but that is not how Spirit works. We may think we know what is right for us, but sometimes we are misguided in our beliefs; Spirit is simply assisting all of us to live the most joyous lives we can. They will always offer us the truth, sometimes all we need is a little guidance to take another path.

Over the years there have been a very few occasions where I haven’t been able to establish a strong connection with a client, and in these instances I will happily refund your money in full. Sometimes however, it is not a connection problem, and I only ask that you are not too quick to dismiss the information… that just maybe Spirit was right, and you just weren’t in the right space to receive what came through at that point in time.

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