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“The reading you did for me, and the strong words and messages you conveyed, have stood strong to me, much like a bright lighthouse on a stormy night, and they (your words) have helped guide me to freedom, safety, forgiveness and most importantly back to myself and my truth.  A novel of words could never express my gratitude and appreciation for the reading you did for me! Thank-you a billion times over 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)”



“I have visited you about 5 times now between 2010 – 2015. I know when I saw you there’s a broad spectrum covered and I guess as the years have gone by I sit back now and think about all the things that have happened from the readings you’ve supplied.

I know there’s a lot of fakes out there, I’ve been to plenty but a lot of my attention is drawn back to your readings. I wanted to underline some of our reading back to 2013 I think it was.

You told me to fall pregnant I would need medical help or intervention… I ended up having IVF. Then you said be careful because you see me “BAM falling pregnant in a blink of an eye. Then again BAM.” Those were your exact words. And what do you know… 3 times.

Another reading you said with the 3rd child you can see a lot of emergency struggle and the baby might be stillborn or miscarriage. Well my 3rd baby was born not breathing, after a week on life support he managed to get himself together and a week after that he was home with his family!

So much more can be validated, but I just wanted to tell you and let you know the accuracy and the detail of the readings. From the location and detail of where I was to meet my partner even came true… thank you Carolyn.”


Western Australia

“I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy of Carolyn’s predictions.  She is truly gifted and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  If you are after clarity and guidance then Carolyn is the lady to contact. 
Best wishes”


Western Australia

“Hi Carolyn

Thank you so much for my reading. I had goose bumps as I read it. What an amazing and beautiful reading.

You have helped me become so excited about my future instead of feeling lonely and confused. I cannot wait for my future to begin. I just really wanted to say thank you very much. I really appreciate it.”


Western Australia

“I highly recommend Carolyn Rabbitts to anybody who is looking to tune into their spiritual self.

Throughout my 12 weeks of Energy Awareness Course classes Carolyn carefully guided us through each step of the way from deep blissful meditations opening our minds to meet our spirit guides and animal guides and to receive beautiful messages and healings.

We learnt about chakras and how to align them, pendulum energy guidance, how to use crystals, reading auras and energy fields, teachings on how to tune in and read personal objects and so much more.

Carolyn’s effervescent, bubbly, caring personality made the classes so fun and comfortable to be in and we all looked forward to the next class as soon as it was finished.

After every class I walked away with feelings of deep inner peace and positivity and in amazement of our intuitive abilities that lay within.
Carolyn is a beautiful lady with a very special gift

Thank you for sharing your expertise and kindness through our spiritual awareness courses I have learnt so many valuable lessons that I continue to use everyday. Xxx”


Western Australia

“Dear Carolyn,

Words cannot express my gratitude for the amazing connection I had with you during my phone reading.  I love how heartfelt your words were.  I love how excited you were about my reading, it was truly touching.  I know when I am in the presence of the real deal.  You have a gift which I know that you cherish and respect.  Thank you for sharing with me an exciting new chapter in my life.  I will keep in touch and look forward to meeting you in person very soon.

Truly Blessed,”


Tom Price, Western Australia

“After leaving my reading with Carolyn late last year, I felt like a weight that I didn’t even know was there was lifted off my shoulders. I felt so happy, loved and cared for from being able to connect with my Grandad once again. The smallest things that were said were the most touching and gave me the most amazing feeling and I knew that he was in the room with us.

I thank you so much Carolyn, you have the most amazing and special gift. I tell nearly everyone I meet about the experience I had in my reading. To be in contact with my Grandad again is a feeling I will never forget or be able to describe.

I am so glad I came in contact with you Carolyn, it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Thank you xoxo”


Western Australia

“Some people have the gift and some people only think they do – Carolyn without doubt is blessed with a graceful, beautiful and spiritual gift. She is warm, friendly, intuitive and very easy to speak with. I found her reading to be uplifting, enormously helpful and particularly accurate especially considering my reading was conducted over the phone and not in person. It is very hard to be a stranger in Carolyn’s presence, in fact it’s probably impossible! A wonderful reading. Thank you. Xxx”


Western Australia

“Thank you so much for the wonderful reading I had yesterday, it has left me feeling much more calm & peaceful & bought me to clarity I was seeking. I am truly grateful for the experience. You have an amazing gift.”


Australind, Western Australia

“I am still feeling very loved, protected and uplifted from the reading I had today (8 hours ago) with Carolyn – what a positive experience!! Thank you x”


Exmouth, Western Australia

“Carolyn definitely has that extra X factor that I have not seen in a reader before. She has an incredible gift with amazing insight working from a pure heart with absolute honesty, integrity and compassion. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for clear guidance and answers to book in with her. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.”


Perth, Western Australia

“Carolyn helped me through a time when the grief that I was experiencing was immense and overwhelming.  I could not see a way out of the darkness, but through Carolyn’s spiritual guidance and messages from my guides, she helped instil a sense of strength and power that I have never experienced before.  Carolyn helped me grow and I was finally able to find “ME” and be able to be “ME” for the first time in my life.”


Bunbury, Western Australia

“Carolyn has a warm, friendly, approachable manner, and as soon as you walk through her front door – she makes you feel welcome and at ease. Her readings are never rushed, and I find them to be accurate; they have given me insight, and she has helped me so much spiritually and emotionally. I can’t thank her enough.”


Bunbury, Western Australia

“I have had the pleasure of numerous readings by Carolyn, both face to face and via the telephone. I have always found her to be truly sensitive, caring, unrushed and very accurate with her readings. Her insight has allowed me to stay focused on a somewhat difficult relationship and given me hope towards the outcome desired. She has foreseen accurately situations that I was unaware of prior to that information being revealed to me by the male and others involved. Her accuracy regarding my children was incredible and almost unbelievable. Working on question basis, allows you to get the information you desire and not waste time on details you do not require. If you want a sensitive accurate reading then you should definitely get in touch with Carolyn. She is a very beautiful caring person and extremely easy to talk to and over the past 12 months or so has become both a friend and confidant to me giving some very sound advice. I am so pleased that I chose Carolyn to read for me.” 


Busselton, Western Australia

“Having been to several mediums, clairvoyants and tarot readers over my time I am often sceptical about the information that is passed onto me.

During my reading with Carolyn though, I had no doubt at all that she was the real deal and had a very special gift. Within days of my reading so many of her predictions and insights unfolded right before me, she nailed every little trait of my partner & my sister – it was uncanny.

Carolyn gave me hope and direction, her ability to see and feel what others don’t should be experienced even by the non believers. I will most certainly be going back for another reading and soon!”


Vasse, Western Australia

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